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Transfer Lamination

Transfer Lamination 

In transfer lamination process, we add functional agents and color pigments to customize functional products. The performance of transfer lamination product could achieve waterproof/ M.V.P.: JIS L1092B 20,000/JIS L1099 B1 20,000.

Dot Lamination

Dot lamination process provides customer flexible options. Various combination, excellent hand feel, solvent free and light weight are the advantages of dot lamination. Nowadays, more and more customers choose dot lamination process for these advantages.

Shuang-Bang has two printing machines. Our printing technology makes the waterproof and moisture permeable products more varieties and can have a 2.5 layer effect on the end products.  By adding colored pigment, bamboo carbon powder, coffee powder, anti-bacterial agent or heat generate powder in printing ink, the products will have different color, deodorization function, anti-bacterial function or heat generate function. Shuang Bang also customizes the printing patterns to meet customer’s need.