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Polyester Polyol

Polyester polyol is foamed by condensation of dicarboxy acid and dibasic alcohol. Alcohol would not only be used for long ester chain, but also be contained in the tail group (-OH). Therefore, alcohol should be excess 5/20% for condensation reaction.  And the ration of polyacid and polyol should be determined by the desired final molecular weight or equivalent.  Polyester polyols contain many ester group in structure, which leads to better product properties than polyether polyol, such as rigidity, thermal stability, permeability, oil resistance and adhesion.

Application: PU resin, adhesive, foam, elastomer

Depends on the choice and the application of Polyols, when choosing various Polyols as PU formula, one should manipulate the structure of Polyols, in order to concern the reaction condition and the usage of catalyst and additive, which would determine the morphology and properties of formed PU polymer.