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ISOCROSS SM is equivalent to MOCA; it is recommended as curative for urethane prepolymers and epoxy. ISOCROSS SM offers adequate pot life and excellent mechanical properties to the cured goods.


CAS Registry No. 101-14-4
Structural formaula
Molecular weight 267.16





Appearance Yellow cylindrical pellet
Particle size LxW≒5mm x 3mm
Melting point >98°C
Color <13 Gardner
Moisture <0.1%
Specific density 1.26/107°C
Amine Value 7.4~7.6m mole/g
Free Aniline <1.0%
Solubility soluble in DMF, MEK, TOL
Toxicity LD50 750mg/kg


  • Pale color and high purity - can be used for no color goods.
  • No dust and uncomfortable odor - reduce exposure to hazardous materials.
  • Uniform particle size - easy to handle and melt. 
  • Cast elastomers for rollers, wheels, prototype tools and parts, molds.
  • Coatings for concrete or masonry, recreational flooring, waterproof roof and wall
For 100 parts of urethane prepolymers, the recommended ISOCROSS SM is prepolymer NCO% x 3.18 x R (R=0.9~1.0)" 


25kg net per paper bag or 50kg net per fiber drum (inner polyethylene bag)


  • Please refer to MSDS before using.
  • Please don't heat ISOCROSS SM above 100℃ in the open system for a long time, in order to maintain the consistent color.

Product Resources:

Material Safety Data Sheet