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     ISOCROSS WM is equivalent to MOCA; it is recommended as curative for urethane prepolymers and epoxy.  ISOCROSS WM offers adequate pot life and excellent mechanical properties to the cured goods.  It features low Gardner index which is very suitable for light color or transparent PU elastomer.



CAS Registry No. 101-14-4
Structural formula  
Molecular weight 267.16


Appearance Yellowish cylindrical pellet
Particle size L x W ≒5mm x 3mm
Melting point 98
Color 2 Gardner
Moisture 0.1%
Specific density 1.26/107
Amine Value 7.4 ~ 7.6m mole/g
Free Aniline 1.0%
Solubility soluble in DMF, MEK, TOL
Toxicity LD50 = 1140 mg/kg(rat, oral)


  • Pale color and high purity - can be used for no color goods.
  • No dust and uncomfortable odor - reduce exposure to hazardous materials.
  • Uniform paritcle size - easy to handle and melt.


  • Cast elastomers for rollers, wheels, prototype tools and parts, molds.
  • Coating for concrete or masonry, recreational flooring, waterproof roof and wall.


For 100 parts of urethane prepolymers, the recommended ISOCROSS WM is "NCO% of prepolymer x 3.18 x R (R=0.9~1.0)"


25kg net per paper bag or 50kg net per fiber drum (inner polyethylene bag)


  • Please refer to MSDS before using.
  • Please don't heat ISOCROSS WM above 100°C in the open system for a long time, in order to maintain the consistent color.