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ISOCROSS MDA 60 is Aromatic Diamine; it is recommended as curative for epoxy floor other goods.  ISOCROSS MDA 60 offers excellent heat resistance, solvent resistance, electric properties and cement adhesion to the cured epoxy goods.


Component of product 4,4'-Diaminodiphenyl methane Mixture
CAS Registry No.

101-77-9 (4,4' -Diaminodiphenyl methane)

25214-70-4 (Formaldehyde, polymer with benzenamine)

Appearance Yellow to brown viscous liquid
Viscosity (cps/40°C) 9,000~15,000
Content of NH2 group Approx. 16.0% min. (by wt.)
Solubility soluble in Alcohol, Ketone, Ether, Benzene
Color <9 Gardner
4,4'-MDA (101-77-9) 45~60%
Others (25214-70-4) 40~55%


225kg per iron drum


Please refer to MSDS before using.