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PU prepolymer / PU elastomer

Polyurethane elastomer is oligomer molecular chain with reactive isocyanate (-NCO) functional group added to both ends; at the time of infusion, mixing with double amines (-NH2), double alcohol (-OH) and other molecules to produce a high molecular weight polyurethane.  Through the use of infusion devices or molds, perfusion can be mass-produced goods, such as industrial rollers, pulleys, roller skates, PU runway, roofing, caulking construction.
The pre-polymer / elastomer developed by Shuang Bang has the performance between rubber and plastics.  According to the recipe design, the products have high resilience, shock absorption, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, tear resistance, chemical corrosion and resistance to radiation and other properties.  Customers can adjustment formula according to their needs to make a variety of products.

Application: Automobile industry, building material, shoe material, synthetic leather, medical equipment, sports gear, etc.

Advantage: A great diversity of products, which covers most of the market demand.  Customers can choose the prepolymer according to their needs or processing method or choose a set combination.