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   What is Hardener?

Hardener, also known as curatives, is a co-reactant used to react with Epoxy resins or polyurethane prepolymers to form a thermosetting polymer or polyurethane. Polymers after curing by hardeners have high mechanical properties, temperature and chemical resistance.
l   Metal coatings: use in electronics/electrical components, high tension electrical insulators.
l   Industrial tooling and composites: Reacted with Epoxy or polyurethane, the mixture is used to produce castings, fixtures, laminates, master models, molds, and other industrial production aids. It can also be used in producing fiber-reinforced or composite parts.
l   Adhesives: any applications where strong and high bonds are required.
l   The properties make hardener an excellent electrical insulator. With high thermal insulation, or thermal conductivity combined with high electrical resistance, hardener can be used for electronics applications.